This is a family history website about people related to the surnames BOOTES (BOOTS) and GOWLAND. My father was a BOOTES and my mother was a GOWLAND. Both are uncommon and unusual surnames. The scope is worldwide; in the UK if you have ancestors in East Sussex, the North Pennines, or Sunderland, you may find some of them here.



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Boots (2,337), Bootes (786), Gowland (496), Peart (244), Beadle (131), Hunt (130), Dawson (128), Smith (116), Elliott (111), Wilson (106), Richardson (105), Brown (93), Ranger (86), Watson (85), Gibson (84), Hudspeth (83), Kemp (80), Lax (79), Fairless (69), Philipson (69), Tree (68), Forster (66), Walton (63), Rumney (62), Houltby (60), Sanderson (59), Goodsell (58), Emerson (56), Taylor (56), Thompson (55), Hall (54), Featherstone (53), Boot (53), Stone (53), Green (50), Wake (49), Ritson (48), Tamsett (47), Noakes (46), Setree (46), Crouch (44), Lowes (43), Brewster (43), Furnace (41), Cook (41), Robinson (39), Weaver (39), Luxford (39), Ransom (37), Atkinson (35)
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Rosalie Jane BootsBoots,Rosalie Jane11 July 198503535Death 
Walter BootBoot,Walter11 July 196315757Death 
William Walter HamblyHambly,William Walter11 July 194627474Death 
Rosalie Jane BootsBoots,Rosalie Jane11 July 192139999Birth 
George Thomas BootsBoots,George Thomas11 July 19174103103Death 
Robert Thomas BootsBoots,Robert Thomas11 July 19135107107Death 
Herbert Budgeon GreenGreen,Herbert Budgeon11 July 18976123123Birth 
Charlotte Annie BootsBoots,Charlotte Annie11 July 18927128128Birth 
Arthur Charles MoodyMoody,Arthur Charles11 July 18858135135Birth 
Ethel WaiteWaite,Ethel11 July 18819139139Birth 
Francis Foster Bloomfield CrosherCrosher,Francis Foster Bloomfield11 July 188010140140Birth 
Hannah StoneStone,Hannah11 July 186911151151Birth 
Edward James WeaverWeaver,Edward James11 July 183612184184Birth 
Mary PaynePayne,Mary11 July 182413196196Birth 
Joseph PeartPeart,Joseph11 July 182414196196Birth 
John PeartPeart,John11 July 182215198198Birth 
John HallHall,John11 July 181916201201Birth 
William TreeTree,William11 July 181217208208Death 
Joseph CarverCarver,Joseph11 July 180918211211Birth 
Elizabeth RutherfordRutherford,Elizabeth11 July 179919221221Birth 
John ElliottElliott,John11 July 178420236236Birth 
George GibbonGibbon,George11 July 170821312312Birth 
William Blackett + Eleanor SellersBlackett,William + Sellers,Eleanor11 July 178922231231Marriage