This is a family history website about people related to the surnames BOOTES (BOOTS) and GOWLAND. My father was a BOOTES and my mother was a GOWLAND. Both are uncommon and unusual surnames. The scope is worldwide; in the UK if you have ancestors in East Sussex, the North Pennines, or Sunderland, you may find some of them here.



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Boots (2,331), Bootes (785), Gowland (496), Peart (243), Beadle (131), Hunt (130), Dawson (127), Smith (115), Elliott (111), Wilson (106), Richardson (101), Brown (94), Ranger (86), Gibson (84), Watson (84), Hudspeth (83), Kemp (80), Lax (79), Philipson (69), Tree (68), Fairless (67), Wake (67), Forster (65), Walton (62), Houltby (60), Rumney (58), Goodsell (58), Sanderson (56), Emerson (55), Taylor (55), Featherstone (53), Boot (53), Stone (53), Thompson (50), Green (50), Tamsett (47), Noakes (46), Setree (46), Ritson (44), Lowes (43), Brewster (43), Crouch (43), Hall (42), Cook (41), Furnace (40), Robinson (39), Weaver (39), Luxford (39), Hetherington (36), Atkinson (35)
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Leonard BootsBoots,Leonard23 October 199802121Death 
William Patrick BakerBaker,William Patrick23 October 197114848Death 
John Ellis BootesBootes,John Ellis23 October 196025959Death 
Edith LongLong,Edith23 October 195936060Death 
Henry Eugene BootsBoots,Henry Eugene23 October 192749292Birth 
Charlotte BootsBoots,Charlotte23 October 192059999Death 
Anthony Warren HamblyHambly,Anthony Warren23 October 19186101101Death 
Norman William BootesBootes,Norman William23 October 18927127127Birth 
Walter James BootsBoots,Walter James23 October 18638156156Birth 
Lucy PullenPullen,Lucy23 October 18599160160Birth 
William BootsBoots,William23 October 185010169169Birth 
Abraham Thomas BootsBoots,Abraham Thomas23 October 184411175175Birth 
Henry Thomas WalkerWalker,Henry Thomas23 October 183912180180Death 
Spencer NoakesNoakes,Spencer23 October 183813181181Death 
Emily Jane PackhamPackham,Emily Jane23 October 183614183183Birth 
Jane AtkinsonAtkinson,Jane23 October 183615183183Birth 
Tamar IrelandIreland,Tamar23 October 183616183183Birth 
Elizabeth LaxLax,Elizabeth23 October 183617183183Birth 
Mary Jane WatsonWatson,Mary Jane23 October 183118188188Birth 
George MasonMason,George23 October 183119188188Birth 
Nancy BeadleBeadle,Nancy23 October 183020189189Birth 
John PeartPeart,John23 October 182721192192Birth 
William BootsBoots,William23 October 182622193193Death 
Mary GowlandGowland,Mary23 October 182623193193Death 
Harriet CrouchCrouch,Harriet23 October 182024199199Birth 
Elizabeth CharltonCharlton,Elizabeth23 October 180225217217Birth 
John RumneyRumney,John23 October 180126218218Birth 
William LaxLax,William23 October 178527234234Birth 
Edward BullBull,Edward23 October 176328256256Birth 
John BootsBoots,John23 October 173729282282Birth 
Edward BlandBland,Edward23 October 168730332332Birth 
William WenhamWenham,William23 October 156931450450Birth 
William Cork + Harriett ThirtleCork,William + Thirtle,Harriett23 October 182732192192Marriage 
George Watson + Margaret GowlandWatson,George + Gowland,Margaret23 October 164733372372Marriage