This is a family history website about people related to the surnames BOOTES (BOOTS) and GOWLAND. My father was a BOOTES and my mother was a GOWLAND. Both are uncommon and unusual surnames. The scope is worldwide; in the UK if you have ancestors in East Sussex, the North Pennines, or Sunderland, you may find some of them here.



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Boots (2,335), Bootes (785), Gowland (496), Peart (243), Beadle (131), Hunt (130), Dawson (127), Smith (115), Elliott (111), Wilson (106), Richardson (102), Brown (93), Ranger (86), Watson (84), Gibson (84), Hudspeth (83), Kemp (80), Lax (79), Philipson (69), Tree (68), Fairless (67), Forster (65), Walton (62), Houltby (60), Rumney (59), Goodsell (58), Sanderson (57), Emerson (56), Taylor (56), Thompson (55), Featherstone (53), Boot (53), Stone (53), Green (50), Wake (49), Hall (47), Tamsett (47), Noakes (46), Setree (46), Ritson (44), Brewster (43), Lowes (43), Crouch (43), Cook (41), Furnace (40), Robinson (39), Weaver (39), Luxford (39), Atkinson (35), Bell (35)
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Gordon BootesBootes,Gordon22 January 201001010Death 
John Sherlock GowlandGowland,John Sherlock22 January 196615454Death 
George BootBoot,George22 January 196225858Death 
Nellie E BootsBoots,Nellie E22 January 196036060Death 
Florence Chard TurnerTurner,Florence Chard22 January 195846262Death 
Louis Lon HoskinsonHoskinson,Louis Lon22 January 193658484Death 
Susannah BootesBootes,Susannah22 January 193268888Birth 
Albert Edward HinesHines,Albert Edward22 January 192179999Death 
Edward James WakeWake,Edward James22 January 19118109109Birth 
Harriett LuxfordLuxford,Harriett22 January 19109110110Death 
Frederick Lloyd BootesBootes,Frederick Lloyd22 January 190810112112Birth 
Robert Bernard BootsBoots,Robert Bernard22 January 190111119119Birth 
Mary E ClarkeClarke,Mary E22 January 190112119119Birth 
Rose Elizabeth BootsBoots,Rose Elizabeth22 January 190013120120Birth 
Blanche BootsBoots,Blanche22 January 189714123123Death 
Elizabeth StephensonStephenson,Elizabeth22 January 189215128128Death 
Mary BeadleBeadle,Mary22 January 189116129129Death 
Annie Sophia BarberBarber,Annie Sophia22 January 188817132132Birth 
Elizabeth OsborneOsborne,Elizabeth22 January 188418136136Death 
Margaret Elizabeth TickleTickle,Margaret Elizabeth22 January 187919141141Birth 
Richard WhiteWhite,Richard22 January 187320147147Birth 
Wallace Richard BootesBootes,Wallace Richard22 January 187121149149Birth 
Mary BootBoot,Mary22 January 185222168168Birth 
Ann CrawfordCrawford,Ann22 January 185123169169Death 
John BootsBoots,John22 January 185024170170Death 
Robert Mundy WakeWake,Robert Mundy22 January 184625174174Birth 
Sarah AdamsonAdamson,Sarah22 January 183826182182Death 
Ann BootsBoots,Ann22 January 183327187187Death 
John WaltonWalton,John22 January 183228188188Death 
Jemima BootsBoots,Jemima22 January 183029190190Birth 
William RutherfordRutherford,William22 January 182830192192Death 
William BourneBourne,William22 January 182731193193Death 
Martha TamsettTamsett,Martha22 January 182532195195Death 
William LuxfordLuxford,William22 January 181633204204Death 
Ruth LuxfordLuxford,Ruth22 January 181534205205Birth 
Featherston WallisWallis,Featherston22 January 181235208208Death 
Esther FeatherstoneFeatherstone,Esther22 January 180536215215Birth 
Joseph LongstaffLongstaff,Joseph22 January 179737223223Birth 
Sarah WildingWilding,Sarah22 January 179538225225Death 
Thomas HastingsHastings,Thomas22 January 176239258258Death 
Edward Fairless Lathan + Emma GrayLathan,Edward Fairless + Gray,Emma22 January 188340137137Marriage 
John William Bootes + Sarah Ann KnightBootes,John William + Knight,Sarah Ann22 January 187441146146Marriage 
Emanuel Cook + Harriett LuxfordCook,Emanuel + Luxford,Harriett22 January 185042170170Marriage 
Thomas Peart + Tamar VickersPeart,Thomas + Vickers,Tamar22 January 177843242242Marriage