This is a family history website about people related to the surnames BOOTES (BOOTS) and GOWLAND. My father was a BOOTES and my mother was a GOWLAND. Both are uncommon and unusual surnames. The scope is worldwide; in the UK if you have ancestors in East Sussex, the North Pennines, or Sunderland, you may find some of them here.



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Boots (2,335), Bootes (785), Gowland (496), Peart (243), Beadle (131), Hunt (130), Dawson (127), Smith (115), Elliott (111), Wilson (106), Richardson (102), Brown (93), Ranger (86), Watson (84), Gibson (84), Hudspeth (83), Kemp (80), Lax (79), Philipson (69), Tree (68), Fairless (67), Forster (65), Walton (62), Houltby (60), Rumney (59), Goodsell (58), Sanderson (57), Emerson (56), Taylor (56), Thompson (55), Featherstone (53), Boot (53), Stone (53), Green (50), Wake (49), Hall (47), Tamsett (47), Noakes (46), Setree (46), Ritson (44), Brewster (43), Lowes (43), Crouch (43), Cook (41), Furnace (40), Robinson (39), Weaver (39), Luxford (39), Atkinson (35), Bell (35)
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Dale BootsBoots,Dale26 January 199003030Death 
Eva Dorothy PagePage,Eva Dorothy26 January 198613434Death 
Alta Fianna MoyerMoyer,Alta Fianna26 January 197424646Death 
Frank TwiningTwining,Frank26 January 193838282Death 
Warren Judson WalesWales,Warren Judson26 January 192449696Death 
Frederick HuntHunt,Frederick26 January 19185102102Birth 
David Keith BootsBoots,David Keith26 January 19156105105Birth 
William John LeggLegg,William John26 January 19127108108Birth 
Stanley Albert BootsBoots,Stanley Albert26 January 19118109109Birth 
Golden Nina Ethel RaineRaine,Golden Nina Ethel26 January 18919129129Birth 
Thomas GibsonGibson,Thomas26 January 187510145145Death 
Thomas Edward BootsBoots,Thomas Edward26 January 187011150150Birth 
Herbert LeaneyLeaney,Herbert26 January 186812152152Birth 
Austin R YorkYork,Austin R26 January 186513155155Birth 
Martha HenleyHenley,Martha26 January 186514155155Death 
John Bradford ArkleArkle,John Bradford26 January 186315157157Birth 
Laura Fidelia BootsBoots,Laura Fidelia26 January 185716163163Birth 
Adelbert BootsBoots,Adelbert26 January 185217168168Birth 
Eleanor BatesBates,Eleanor26 January 184218178178Death 
Ellenor BootsBoots,Ellenor26 January 183819182182Birth 
Thomas ForsterForster,Thomas26 January 183220188188Death 
Jeremiah BootsBoots,Jeremiah26 January 183121189189Death 
David ButlerButler,David26 January 182822192192Birth 
John PeartPeart,John26 January 182623194194Birth 
Zechariah BootsBoots,Zechariah26 January 182524195195Birth 
William TuckwellTuckwell,William26 January 181225208208Birth 
John SetreeSetree,John26 January 179026230230Birth 
Jacob TeasdaleTeasdale,Jacob26 January 173727283283Birth 
DawsonDawson,@P.N.26 January 173128289289Birth 
DawsonDawson,@P.N.26 January 173129289289Death 
Jonathan DawsonDawson,Jonathan26 January 173030290290Death 
William Robert Boots + Sarah Jane BusstBoots,William Robert + Busst,Sarah Jane26 January 190831112112Marriage 
Harry Shanor + Cora B BootsShanor,Harry + Boots,Cora B26 January 188832132132Marriage 
Nicholas Dawson + Elizabeth GowlandDawson,Nicholas + Gowland,Elizabeth26 January 184333177177Marriage 
John Dryden Temperly Ward + Mary GowlandWard,John Dryden Temperly + Gowland,Mary26 January 183334187187Marriage