This is a family history website about people related to the surnames BOOTES (BOOTS) and GOWLAND. My father was a BOOTES and my mother was a GOWLAND. Both are uncommon and unusual surnames. The scope is worldwide; in the UK if you have ancestors in East Sussex, the North Pennines, or Sunderland, you may find some of them here.



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Boots (2,335), Bootes (785), Gowland (496), Peart (243), Beadle (131), Hunt (130), Dawson (127), Smith (115), Elliott (111), Wilson (106), Richardson (102), Brown (93), Ranger (86), Watson (84), Gibson (84), Hudspeth (83), Kemp (80), Lax (79), Philipson (69), Tree (68), Fairless (67), Forster (65), Walton (62), Houltby (60), Rumney (59), Goodsell (58), Sanderson (57), Emerson (56), Taylor (56), Thompson (55), Featherstone (53), Boot (53), Stone (53), Green (50), Wake (49), Hall (47), Tamsett (47), Noakes (46), Setree (46), Ritson (44), Brewster (43), Lowes (43), Crouch (43), Cook (41), Furnace (40), Robinson (39), Weaver (39), Luxford (39), Atkinson (35), Bell (35)
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Ivan GowlandGowland,Ivan23 January 2015055Death 
Albert Victor BootsBoots,Albert Victor23 January 198014040Death 
John James "Jackie" GowlandGowland,John James23 January 197624444Death 
Thomas Carr BootsBoots,Thomas Carr23 January 197434646Death 
Lura Leone ByerlyByerly,Lura Leone23 January 196145959Death 
Lewis Arthur ButtsButts,Lewis Arthur23 January 193458686Death 
Sarah Jane TapeTape,Sarah Jane23 January 192869292Death 
William George Henry BootsBoots,William George Henry23 January 19137107107Birth 
James Boots WatsonWatson,James Boots23 January 19138107107Death 
Nellie Louise NewtonNewton,Nellie Louise23 January 19109110110Birth 
Harvey Oliver NyeNye,Harvey Oliver23 January 190010120120Birth 
Edith Mary BootsBoots,Edith Mary23 January 189511125125Birth 
Arthur Joseph BootsBoots,Arthur Joseph23 January 189312127127Birth 
David TunmoreTunmore,David23 January 189213128128Death 
James CollinsCollins,James23 January 188914131131Death 
Lillie BootsBoots,Lillie23 January 188315137137Birth 
David J BootsBoots,David J23 January 188116139139Birth 
Rachel Cornelia WrightWright,Rachel Cornelia23 January 188017140140Birth 
Ellen RutterRutter,Ellen23 January 187518145145Birth 
Ellen Cecilia LeeneyLeeney,Ellen Cecilia23 January 187419146146Death 
James Charles BowersBowers,James Charles23 January 187320147147Birth 
Jane Elizabeth BootsBoots,Jane Elizabeth23 January 186921151151Birth 
William Forster RennieRennie,William Forster23 January 185922161161Birth 
Mary Ann BainbridgeBainbridge,Mary Ann23 January 184823172172Birth 
William BrewsterBrewster,William23 January 183724183183Death 
Robert CoppinCoppin,Robert23 January 183525185185Birth 
Mary WatsonWatson,Mary23 January 183426186186Birth 
Spencer BootsBoots,Spencer23 January 183227188188Death 
Mary PeartPeart,Mary23 January 182328197197Birth 
Stephen ThwaitesThwaites,Stephen23 January 182029200200Birth 
James DouchDouch,James23 January 181830202202Birth 
Maria Jane RobertsRoberts,Maria Jane23 January 181831202202Birth 
John PeartPeart,John23 January 181432206206Birth 
Thomas LaxLax,Thomas23 January 181433206206Death 
Thomas PeartPeart,Thomas23 January 181234208208Birth 
Ann NixonNixon,Ann23 January 180835212212Birth 
Hannah Street MillerMiller,Hannah Street23 January 179836222222Birth 
Ann HenleyHenley,Ann23 January 178537235235Birth 
Joseph ElliottElliott,Joseph23 January 178038240240Birth 
John BootsBoots,John23 January 176339257257Birth 
Mary RangerRanger,Mary23 January 175340267267Birth 
Jonathan DawsonDawson,Jonathan23 January 173341287287Birth 
Richard BootesBootes,Richard23 January 170342317317Birth 
Robert SmersallSmersall,Robert23 January 164243378378Birth 
Anne BootesBootes,Anne23 January 162044400400Birth 
William Boots + Frances Elizabeth WrenBoots,William + Wren,Frances Elizabeth23 January 188645134134Marriage 
Thomas Grubb + Jane BootsGrubb,Thomas + Boots,Jane23 January 187346147147Marriage 
Matthew Elliott + Annie KirkupElliott,Matthew + Kirkup,Annie23 January 186947151151Marriage 
Friedrich Muller + Ann WahlenMuller,Friedrich + Wahlen,Ann23 January 186848152152Marriage 
John Cullum + Elizabeth TaylorCullum,John + Taylor,Elizabeth23 January 179949221221Marriage